Yakiniku meat for grill

Please enjoy the high quality meat.


Seasoning:★Special miso ★Special momi sauce ★Salt and Koji
Please choose from three seasonings when ordering.

BEEF tax included
Premium Tongue 980yen
Premium Tongue +green onion 1,050yen
Miso Hormone (internal organs) 580yen
Mino (first stomach) Sand 750yen
Miso Shinacho (intestine) 580yen
Hatsu (heart) 680yen
Rebar (liver) 650yen
Premium Rohsu (loin) 980yen
Sagari (rare part of the diaphragm) 930yen
Harami (side of the diaphragm) 980yen
Premium Karubi (short rib) 980yen


PORK tax included
Botsu Miso (rare part of the diaphragm) 500yen
Buta Bara (belly) 580yen
Buta Bara (In samgyeopsal style)
★wtih Korean lettuce★


CHICKEN tax included
Momo (thigh)  Miso 500yen
Seseri (neck)  Miso 550yen
Sashimi (rare) 500yen
Yagen Nankotsu (cartilage) 550yen


ASSORT tax included
Akami 3 combo
Harami / PR Rohsu / PR Karubi
Great Varue 3 combo
Momo / BUta botsu/ Buta Bara
Chicken 3 combo
Momo / Seseri / Yagen Nankotsu


Great value course menu

Free Drinks Yakiniku Set 2hours 4,400yen
Free Drinks Yakiniku Set 2.5hours 4,950yen
Free Drinks Yakiniku Set 3hours 5,500yen
FreePlus Free Drinks Set 2hours +2,500yen
Meals Only No Drinks 3,300yen
★Free Drinks Onabe Set 2hours 4,400yen
★Free Drinks Onabe Set 2.5hours 4,950yen
★Free Drinks Onabe Set 3hours 5,500yen
Reservations are required for these course menus.

Onabe course are only available for a limited time from October to March.

about payment

Payment can be made by cash, credit card, or cashless payment.

Pay in cash! The above course and set menu prices include tax when paying in cash. If paying by credit card or cashless payment, an additional 5% will be charged.