A la carte dish
These menu items can also be taken out!

FOR GRILL tax included
Corn Butter Foil Baked 450yan
Eringi Butter Foil Baked 530yen
Eringi Butter Cheese Foil Baked 580yen
Garlic Foil Baked 500yen
Sanchu(Korean Lettuce) 450yen
Assorted Vegetables 500yen
Wiener Sausage(4 pieces) 500yen


SALAD tax included
Bacon Chip Salad 630yen
Bacon Chip Salad with egg 680yen
Caesar Salad with egg 680yen
Tofu Salad 630yen
Chicken Breast Salad 680yen


SASHIMI and so on tax included
Chicken Breast tataki 600yen
Chicken Breast with plum meat 600yen
Chicken Breast yukke 680yen
Senmai (third stomach) 680yen


APPETIZERS tax included
EDAMAME 350yen
KIMUCHI 400yen
Namul Bean Sprouts 400yen
Namul Green vegetables 400yen


CHIJIMI Korean pancake tax included
Vegetable Chijimi 650yen
Cheese Chijimi 750yen


RICE / SOUP/ Noodle tax included
Rice small 250yen
Rice medium 300yen
Rice large 350yen
Egg Soup 450yen
Kalbi Soup 700yen
Egg Gukbap 550yen
Kalbi Gukbap 800yen
Non-Roasted Bibimbap 750yen
Stone-Roasted Bibimbap 800yen
Stone-Roasted Bibimbap cheese 900yen
Reimen Moriyoka Style 780yen
Reimen with simmered egg 850yen


DESSERT tax included
Ice Cream vanilla 350yen
Ice Cream strawberry 350yen
Ice Cream matcha 350yen
Cookies and Cream 380yen
Choco-Chip mint 380yen
Black Honey Soybean 380yen
Strawberry Charbet 110yen
*Some menu items, such as those using raw eggs and sashimi menus, cannot be taken out.

about payment

Payment can be made by cash, credit card, or cashless payment.

Pay in cash! The above course and set menu prices include tax when paying in cash. If paying by credit card or cashless payment, an additional 5% will be charged.